Tuesday, August 25, 2009

News from New York

State, that is - I am, at long last, up at Bard College visiting my fiance! He's here as a grad student, enrolled in their one-year-long MAT program. So far, we've been enjoying doing stuff around campus and exploring these lovely little New York towns like Red Hook and Tivoli (where they've got a sumptuous-looking yarn store, which Dan is going to take me to when we get the chance). Though this is technically a break for him, he has two 15-page essays due Friday. So while he's hard at work, so am I. Or, at least, I'm trying to be, Etsy-ing and working on getting this blog into some kind of shape.

So, as fall is fast approaching, I've been thinking of fun stuff I could do for Halloween. Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday, even though for the past few years I've done basically nothing for it. I even named my hamster, who I acquired last October, after the holiday. (As you can see, Halloween the hamster is immensely precious. He even has his own Facebook page, under his full name, Halloween Longfur Ruleman.)

As my first Halloween-the-holiday item, I crocheted a black spider-web scarf at lightning speed. I used a chunky wool/acrylic blend I had on hand and finished the whole thing in basically one day. I'm a knitter at heart, but that doesn't mean I can't love how fast crochet can go!

I also have a rather interesting dangly spider - also crocheted, incidentally - that I made for an Alchemy bid, which may be my next Halloween project; I might sell them in sets of three or five as party favors.

There's not a whole lot I can do until I get back home, however. Right now, I'm just enjoying being here!


  1. haha, I LOVE that scarf!! And the little spider........ and I cannot believe you did that in a day! Go you, speedy hands!

  2. Thanks! Soon as I get home, I'll be back onto those spiders.