Monday, April 19, 2010


Monday is crash day for me. This is the day I usually recuperate after the weekend's work at the group home and indulge in my current knitting projects. I usually really enjoy Mondays. Today, however, I am still so completely wiped out that I don't feel like doing much of anything, except maybe writing about yesterday's highlights.

Yesterday I wound up drinking five cups of coffee over the course of the day, even though my usual workday limit is three. My excuse is that most of it was fairly weak coffee and one cup was decaf (I think). It did give me enough energy to do all the necessary housework, but I don't think I got to sleep until one or two hours after I got home at midnight.

The guys spent most of the afternoon watching two of their favorite shows, which they fondly refer to as "the witch" (Bewitched) and "Andy" (The Andy Griffith Show). The best part is the way one of them responds to every joke as if it's the funniest thing he's ever heard in his life. He just howls with laughter, and when you hear him, there's no way you can keep from laughing with him, even if you're in the middle of scrubbing the toilet.

Sunday afternoon found me donning disposable rubber gloves and wrestling with a Saran-wrapped piece of smelly cow flesh in order to make Hamburger Helper for my clients' dinner. (I don't know if normal people wear rubber gloves to handle raw meat, but I do. I don't eat meat and I don't want to touch it either. Call me wimpy if you like.) I was actually feeling quite proud of myself, since I had successfully learned to cook ground beef the weekend before without A) making myself sick or B) making any of my clients sick from eating it. In the end I felt the disgust on my part was well worth it, because the guys all asked for second helpings.

Inspired by one of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's recent blog posts, I started trying to design The Perfect Sweater in my head, and made some sketches in between tasks. A future project, I think.

Another four weekends to go, and then I hope I'll have some idea of where my fiance and I will be living once we're married. I'll have to quit my job before the wedding in July. I hope I will never again have to work 16-hour shifts - but I hope I'll get to see my clients again. I'm going to miss them.

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