Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A thing of beauty

My husband and I have a good friend, Rene, who personalizes My Little Ponies. I'd never heard of this as a hobby until I met her - the trend of taking old ponies, repainting, rehairing, and embellishing them, and turning them into beautiful/charming/quirky/weird works of recycled folk art. (Different adjectives apply, depending on the pony. If you haven't seen pictures of such ponies, do a Google image search, and you'll find the term "folk art" definitely applies. I would love to learn to do this kind of thing someday, when I have time to learn a new non-knitting-related skill.) When I saw some of the ponies Rene had made, I was quite enchanted - not least because she uses only first-generation My Little Ponies, which were the ones I played with and loved in the early '90s! So you can imagine I was thrilled when she offered to make a customized pony for Dan and me to commemorate our wedding.
However, even I didn't expect just how lovely this one would be. Rene used an oak leaf and acorn motif that mimics our wedding rings; it's hard to see in the photo because the light is bad, but there's a silver ring of leaves and acorns around the pony's front hoof. The original wings were missing, so she replaced them with cloth leaves from a floral display. All that's left is giving the pony a name - and that's the hard part! She has such ethereal beauty, and we have to find something fitting.

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