Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shrug Posted At Last

Here at last is my pink shrug completed, up for sale on Etsy at

My new thing store-wise is Stuff for Dogs; I'll soon (that is, within the next week, I hope!) have posted no fewer than eight sweater vests designed to fit small-to-medium sized dogs. The idea came to me when an aunt of mine asked if I could make fun costumes for her two dachshunds. As I was browsing through online patterns of cute dog outfits, suddenly I realized that one of my three dogs would be docile enough to let me dress her up - Peggy! Plus, because of her thin fur, she often gets cold in the winter, even here in Tennessee. So I set about designing her a sweater in dark green, navy blue, and burgundy acrylic:

It worked up so fast and I enjoyed it so much that I made up a bunch more, some in rather more adventurous colors, to put on Etsy. And here is my lovely Peggy modeling one:

She's about 13 years old now and quite deaf, but she's still very sweet! She didn't seem to mind being dressed up (that's her normal expression you see in the photo), and a knit sweater will make her winters more pleasant.

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