Monday, November 16, 2009

Some thoughts on my day job

I don't think I really appreciated humanity until I started working with developmentally disabled people a few months ago. The guys I work with (and so far, I've worked only with men) comprise what is probably the most fascinating group of people I've ever encountered. I wish I could share some of my experiences with them to show you all what I mean, but for the sake of client confidentiality I don't think I can.

Just try to imagine, say, the four or five most interesting, different, and funny people you've ever known. Imagine them all living under the same roof and interacting with one another all the time. Then imagine a couple dozen more such characters interacting with them on a daily basis, some of them living together in groups as well - and you can begin to understand what my experience at the Tri-County Center has been like.

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