Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to work

I'm slowly adjusting back to work mode from vacation mode. Though I'm still technically unemployed, I have plenty to keep myself busy between my Etsy endeavors and my job searching. I'm working on expanding the Buddhist of Etsy team, which I'm really enjoying. I was kind of hesitant to agree to be team leader at first because I have this idea that I'm not good at organizing when other people are involved, but the other team members have been so interested and helpful that I'm really excited about where this is going.
Plus, I'm working on a new line - the socks - as well as integrating recycled and upcycled items into my shop. I've had some setbacks with the socks because of sizing issues, but I'll have a pair ready soon. And I've been having fun finding ways to recycle and upcycle old sweaters - my first project being this lovely cat blanket. I made this from a sweater I found in a thrift store and took pity on; though the color and stitch pattern were pretty, it was one of those atrocious early-nineties oversized designs that never looked good on anybody even when they were in style. Time to breathe some new life into it, I thought - so I took it apart, unraveled a bit, and used the loose thread to crochet a border. Voila - a good-as-new, recycled blanket!

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