Monday, August 30, 2010

Spider Web Shrug

Here's my newest item - another recycled piece, this time a shrug in a crochet web pattern. It was so much fun to work I might just make one or two more - but at the moment, I have quite a list of projects on my plate:
- 1 cardigan to finish (for my grandmother-in-law - she knit part of it herself, but doesn't have the time to finish it at the moment, so I'm doing it for her)
- 1 baby blanket (for a friend who's commissioning some of my work to put in her store at the Brooks Museum in Memphis - I'm very excited!)
- 1 pair of black and red striped socks (for Etsy)
- 1 pair of yellow and pink striped socks (for Etsy)
Not to mention, of course, the MBP teddy bears, who are my constant project. :)

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