Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've gotten way behind on things because I have been sick as a dog for the past week. I was hit by something resembling the flu and spent most of last Monday and Tuesday lying in bed shaking and moaning. Since then it has morphed into pharyngitis - according to the ER doctor I had to see last week because, thanks to my inflamed tonsils, I was having trouble breathing - and it absolutely will not go away! I've been managing to get myself to work every day, but my shop is showing the effects. I have this thing where I won't craft for someone else when I'm sick, so no shop knitting or charity knitting. That may be overly fussy, but I'm a clean freak when it comes to my work. I've kept busy knitting myself socks (the "comfort food" of the knitting world for many), but I need to get going on making more knitting needles ASAP because I've sold a bunch already. It doesn't help that it's nearly April and it's still freezing. Demoralizing.

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