Friday, September 18, 2009

Scarves Really Done Now *'Echarpes Finalement Finis

Finally got my scarves up on Etsy; you can see them here. I'm pretty satisfied by the way the pictures turned out. I was seriously debating how much to price my Night Sky Crocheted Scarf;the yarn itself was really expensive, but it was mostly made of synthetic fibers, which I usually charge less for than natural fibers. I wound up setting the price at $60, about the price I paid for the yarn; a bit of a loss, but I'm comfortable with that in this case.

Now, to prep myself for a weekend of work!

*Finalement, mes 'echarpes sont sur Etsy; on peut les voir ici. Je suis satisfaite par les photos. Je n''etais pas su>r du prix de mon Night Sky Crocheted Scarf; les mat'eriaux les-me>mes 'etaient tre's chers, mais ils 'etaient presque tous synthetiques, qui sont moins chers dans mon magasin. J'ai d'ecid'e de vendre l''echarpe pour $60 - le prix des mat'eriaux. Je perds un peu d'argent, mais je suis 'a l'aise avec cette decision.

Maintenant, un week-end du travail!

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