Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Return from the holidays

After an enjoyable holiday interlude, I'm finally getting myself back to blogging. My fiance came into town a couple weeks ago, and we had a really lovely time being together and visiting family in West Tennessee and Mississippi. A family friend who lives in the Delta really outdid herself by throwing an engagement party for us, and Dan got to meet a significant portion of my family. (He was a hit with them, btw! That's us in the photo.) I also made the acquaintance of the distinguished feline gentleman you see in the picture - former stray, tailless amputee, now lord of our friend's house. I spent a night with him cuddled up in bed with me, which luckily didn't incur the wrath of my fiance, maybe because Binky was quite friendly with him, too! It was a great holiday.

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